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  • Improves member satisfaction by reducing or eliminating "lost" reservations 
  • Increases overall accuracy by requiring entry of dining location (or event), date, time and number in party
  • Reduces overbooking by alerting the user to the number of tables in use (or covers) for a given location and time (automatically considers table turn time for the specified location)
  • Decreases time spent on the phone; reservations take less time overall than writing in a reservation book
  • Reduces errors in communication through clear, concise reporting
  • Improves member satisfaction by providing servers and managers with detail about each member's preferences and recent selections
  • Increases sales of higher ticket items by providing servers with information about prior purchases

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  • Tracks reservations for multiple dining rooms and events
  • Automatic email confirmations sent out  with each reservation and cancellation (configurable)
  • Tracks the tables in use by location, and considers varying turn times per location
  • Allows blackout days/meals for dining locations (won't allow reservations to be taken)
  • Allows multi-member reservations for special club events("table" reservation)
  • On-screen reservation confirmation callback list
  • Requires date, time, location/event and user initials before saving a reservation
  • Handles non-member reservations as an option
  • Tracks and reports member special days such as anniversary, birthday, spouses birthday, other
  • Tracks and reports member food and cocktail preferences
  • Tracks and reports member wine, dessert and other purchases for future tableside marketing and member care
  • Tracks and reports member positive/negative comments
  • Club customizable dining locations, hours of operation and table types
  • Club customizable reporting/meal periods
  • Intuitive, user-friendly look and feel

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