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Is our club data secure? employs best practices to ensure that your data is secure. In that regard we house the application in a secure data center, we employ strong firewall procedures and we use SSL encryption for transmitting data from club workstations to the server.

What happens if the server goes down?

We have redundant servers and databases in place for the possibility of this very occurence.  The databases automatically replicate to each other every single time anything is added or changed so that they are both equal (redundant) at all times. If one of the servers were to "go down" the application would automatically and immediately simply start using the other database, something that would be transparent to club users (there might be a few second delay when it first happens). Additionally, we have continouos backups running so that in the very unlikely possibility that both servers/databases go down we have a backup within every 15 minutes that we could restore within minutes.

Who has access to our club data?

Only employees and technical contractors, and only on a need-to-know basis.

Will you share our data with anyone?

Absolutely and unequivocally not. Our Privacy Policy is the strictest in the industry in that regard. In summary, we will not share, sell, distribute or in any way release any data that is input or aggregated using the application.

At some point within the development of the application we may add functionality that allows you to choose to share data in various forms (such as for reciprocal reservations, or summary key performance indicators with no club-specific information), but in all cases the choice will be solely with each individual club.

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