Purchasing The Software FAQ

How do I get a look at the software?

We provide online demonstrations at your request, and they typically only take about one hour. Please use this link to contact us and set up a demo that meets your schedule.

Is there any kind of purchase or up-front cost to use Clubdining.com?

No, Clubdining.com is an online, subscription only service with no purchase/up-front software cost whatsoever. None.  As a subscription there is only the monthly fee for the software.  There are some peripheral services that you might choose to purchase, such as having us upload your member data, or hourly online training, each of which has a small fee. However, these are optional.

What kind of contractual obligation or commitment must I make to use Clubdining.com?

As a subscription-based service there is absolutely no contractual obligation whatsoever!  If you decide after two months that the software simply isn't for you, you simply cancel and have no further obligation. You will also be refunded the remainder of your prorated subscription if you've paid in advance (either quarterly or annually).  There is no risk at all!

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