Software Implementation FAQ

Do you provide training?

Yes, we do offer web-based training as an option for a small fee.  However, the application generally will not take more than 1-2 hours to learn in its entirety.

How does all of our member data initially get into

We recommend that you provide us with an Excel template of your member data and let us upload it for you.  If you choose this option, we will send to you a sample spreadsheet representing the proper format necessary for upload.  You can however choose to enter all members individually by hand if you wish.

Is there anything we have to load at the club?

No, the software is 100% web-based so there is absolutely nothing that needs to be installed at the club.  There is nothing to be installed on a server and nothing to be installed on the individual workstations.

Once we've subscribed to the software, how long does it take to implement?

There are two aspects to implementation. The first is getting your member data loaded. If you have us import it for you, the turnaround time is about 24-hours from the time that we receive the data. The second aspect of implementation is configuring the software to work for your club. With some attention and focus, this should require no more than about four (4) hours of total time. Therefore, you can be up and running within a very short period of time.

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